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Glisten is a team Crowdfunding system that helps you earn from the upline, downline, Crossline & from every person who joined organization before & after you.

The platform is designed in such a way making it transparent & fully automated in the best of your service. There is no middleman and you immediately receive all your money to put towards any purpose you dreamed of.

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Why choose our GLISTEN


The objective is to empower people at grassroots levels especially in developing and under developed countries regarding the functional use of Crypto Currencies which by now have made a deeper inroad into people's life despite the Regulators of various countries trying to impede its growing influences and its powers to challenge the very basic structure of finance today.


To reach out to people at grassroots levels and make them use their Smart Phones to bring a notable change in their day to day functioning while making use of Crypto Assets to their advantage of earning money out of the Functional Blockchain Education. To include as many people of the World as possible to ensure a strong financial inclusion.


The "GLISTEN" is not a formal education model and believe in empowering the common man with his most powerful business tool Smart Phone, which everyone possess today. The initiative is in a way spreading the functional knowledge regarding using Crypto Currencies by learning to make a FINANCE Wallet and then Receive and Send FINANCE and making transactions similar to the digital use of fiat currencies.

Project Outline

GLISTEN aims to impart a functional knowledge and usage of Blockchain Technology in a similar way as the Digital Revolution took place in the world. The developing countries especially India, have done a tremendous job under the present leadership and even the most common businessman is accepting digital payments and a commoner can be seen using Payment Apps very easily.